FB Investors has been partnering with and funding private operators since 1986. All of our transactions are handled exclusively by the partners, not staff – just like we’d want to be treated.

Our investment performance is reflected in the fact that the vast majority of our co-investor partners, some of whom were operating partners in prior deals, have been investing with us for over 15 years. We’ve learned plenty of lessons over 3 decades and we’ll learn plenty more. We may not knock the cover off of the ball every time, but we win more than we lose.

Along with our long-time investor partners, FB Investors is capable of and has invested in or acquired both larger (> $50 million valuations) as well as smaller (< $10 million) companies. If you’d like to learn more, we’re happy to arrange a call or visit, with no expectations, to discuss your goals and your business, as well as share our backgrounds.

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Why We’re Different…

Majority or Minority Ownership:  When we find a business that meets our criteria, we’re happy to buy the entire business or acquire meaningful minority stake. We acknowledge that perspective makes us a bit different than an everyday Private Equity fund. But from our perch, investing our money in partnership with the founder builds a solid foundation for a great relationship.

Leverage:   We see no benefit in burdening our business with excessive debt just to force a slightly higher return on our capital. From our perspective, we’ll accept the marginally lower return on our capital in exchange for securing the future of the business.

It’s our money:  Unlike other funding sources that simply manage a pool of investor capital, we do what we do to invest our own capital. And we invite the operating managers of the businesses we acquire to do the same. When appropriate, we also invite seasoned, but passive investment partners to invest with us so we can do larger transactions. With so much of our own money invested, we’re highly motivated to do what it takes for success.

Capital Structure:  With individual investor and family office money instead of a fund, we’re able to accommodate more creative transaction structures. In addition, the day-to-day operating managers of our businesses invest in the same security and at the same price as we do. This tactic aligns management’s interests with ours. After all, our money is the same color green as their’s.

Exit Timing:   Any decision to exit an investment is based on circumstances and is definitely not governed by a calendar.  It’s not easy finding a solid business that meets our criteria and therefore, when we do find one and it continues to perform, we’re certainly in no hurry to sell it. Further, with a long-lived source of reliable capital and no requirement to raise capital for the “next fund”, there’s no need to sell quickly to show outsized IRR’s to support fund raising.

Transaction Fees:   They exist, but at nowhere near the level our peers charge.  We rely heavily on the investment return to reward us for our judgement and effort.

Our Investment Criteria is Guided by Certain Business Models Attributes

When and Why Business Owners Look To Us

“By making this acquisition I can substantially increase the size of the moat around my business, but I’m not willing to shell out that much dough at this stage of my career. Or, my bank says my balance sheet isn’t strong enough right now to support the entire purchase price.”

“It’s time for me to do other things and let my management team, the guys who helped me build the business, take their turn. FB Investors works with management versus having management work for them.”

“My clients are asking me to follow them to other parts of the country/world, but I lack the capital to meet their needs. I don’t want to miss this fleeting opportunity to secure the future and increase the value of my business”.

A great business, but insufficient backing from the corporate office. You’re stuck in no man’s land as far as your customers are concerned. Partner with an owner who values the business as much as you do.

What Does FB Investors Offer?

For Sellers: An opportunity to place your business, your life’s work, in the hands of tenured, dedicated and thoughtful investors who are driven by developing your business, not by how fast they can exit and get to the next one.

For Companies Looking for Growth Capital: An opportunity to get where you’re going a bit faster than you can get there on your own with a tenured team of senior partners.